"We treat the Patient, not the Disease!



 Along with the Eye care Centre we have following Projects


1. Medical Writing Consultancy

2. Child Vision Program in Schools


      Medical Writing Consultancy

      Our team of medical writers provides high quality technical writing services for both regulatory and commercial medical writing.

      We have special skills in writing narratives for clinical trials and other clinical documents. In commercial writing we excel in designing product monographs and clinical literature.

      We ensure timely delivery of projects while maintaining all the required standards.

      Child vision Program in Schools

      We run continuous eye examination programs in schools where we examine all the students in a phased manner. All the records of these students are computerized and kept at our place so that we are able to follow each and every child on regular basis. Thus we know the problems of each individual child and are able to provide the best possible care to these children.

      Retinopathy of Prematurity Detection Program

      This program is run through different hospitals and nursing homes of the city where we examine all the new born babies who are at risk for this very grave disease and provide timely intervention.

      Our Training Programs

      We run customized training programs for,

      1. Post Graduate training program for Ophthalmologists interested in Vitreo-retina
      2. Para Ophthalmic personnel who want training in Refraction and other Ophthalmic OT and OPD Procedures.

      Low Vision Rehabilitation

      Low vision rehabilitation is one of the most challenging tasks in Ophthalmology and at the same time a very rewarding one, both for the patient and for the doctor. Our centre offers the very best facilities in this field. We divide our patients in two categories,

      1. Children (Pediatric)
      2. Adults

      Both these groups have very different needs and we offer the best solution to them.

      Our treatment comprises of,

      1. Low Vision Aids and
      2. Training

      Low Vision Aids

      They range from as inexpensive as INR 100 (US$ 2) to the more expensive ones costing INR 100,000 (US$ 2000). It is selected as per needs and paying capacity of the patient.


      Needless to say, this requires individualization of every case. Through proper counseling we decide what is best for every case and try to bring light and hope in these patients.

      Our Patients – Our Guests’ Program

      This is a very special program we run for our out station patients. Patients who come to us for any surgical procedure are provided with not only the best Ophthalmic care but also their stay is made both convenient and pleasurable. They are accommodated in an excellent hotel of the city and all care needed is delivered to them personally. Needless to state that cost effectiveness is given great importance. Kindly contact us for more details.



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